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   Hello, I am Frenemy, a passionate street artist and illustrator who has dedicated the past two decades to building my own little universe, filled with eccentric characters. Character design and world-building are at the core of my artistic pursuits, as I explore various mediums such as murals, books, comics, video games, gallery work, animation, and toys, all of which breathe life into my imaginative world. Current gallery representation with Asia Hues who I have worked with for a decade exhibiting my work across Asia. I have had the privilege of working alongside esteemed clients including Converse, Universal Music, Stream Elements, Kickstarter, Soonness Puzzles, and many more, where I bring my unique character designs to a wide range of projects.


  With my murals adorning city walls across the globe, I strive to leave an indelible mark wherever I create. Currently, I am fully immersed in exciting endeavors, including the development of my upcoming graphic novel, "Cosmic Safari," and "Imaginarium," a metaverse video game officially supported by the Sandbox Game, with chapter one just being released in a five-chapter rollout. Bringing my universe and story to the Sandbox games. Inviting players into the immersive realm of the Imaginary. Additionally, my delightful children's book, "Kimbop Was Born To Explore," is now available on Amazon, offering a journey of imagination and discovery.


  I invite you to explore my portfolio below and immerse yourself in the fantastical world I have created. I am available for workshops, mural commissions, and illustration work. Having had the pleasure of working with schools, universities, and corporate clients I always enjoy doing workshops about creativity, character design. and mural paitning. If you have a project that requires a touch of imagination weather a mural, illustrations, or design for your packaging please do reach out. Let's create something special together. 


never stop

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