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   Frenemy is a world-renowned street artist and illustrator who has spent the last 20 years creating a unique universe filled with captivating characters. His artistic ventures span a range of mediums, including murals, books, comics, gallery work, animation, and toys, all of which bring his imaginative world to life. With collaborations that include Converse, Universal Music, Stream Elements, skateboard brands, and more. He has painted murals all over the world, leaving an indelible mark wherever he goes. Frenemy is always pushing the boundaries of his creativity and is currently working on several exciting projects, including his upcoming graphic novel, Cosmic Safari, and Imaginarium, a metaverse video game officially backed by the Sandbox metaverse, which is set to be released this summer. Kimbop Was Born To Explore, a children's book about imagination and exploration, is available now on Amazon. Check out Frenemy's incredible portfolio below and get lost in the fantastical world he has created.


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