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Workshops and Artist talks

Contact for more info on workshops or artist talks

I love doing workshops and artist talks with students, adults, and creative teams. I am passionate about creativity and inspiring others to get their own creativity going! I have over a decade of experience giving workshops and talks about creativity, illustration, mural painting, and character design. I would love to speak with your students and get them excited about art and imagination! I offer a variety of workshops/artist talks in person or virtual! You can find examples below of workshops I have done in the past. Please contact me through my email if you would like to hear more! 

Mural Workshop and Artist Talk
International School of Kuala Lumpur 2019/2021

For these workshops, I started with a short talk and presentation about my work, my background in graffiti and street art, and gave a small rundown of the history of the subject. Then working over the course of several days with several different small groups including students, teachers, and parents we worked together to paint several small murals I designed. Each individual board was painted by a group of 5. I taught the groups how to control a spray paint can and how I execute my murals. They helped fill in everything and at the end, I cleaned the paintings up and added the final outlines for the murals. For a fun hands-on experience of how to paint a mural. The boards will be waterproofed and installed around the school. Each mural has a different theme ISKL the name of the school as well as different funny characters I designed to represent different art subjects. I returned again in 2021 and did a mural for the schools PRAXIS program and some of the students came for a workshop on mural painting for this as well. 

Mural Installation and Artist Talk for Hayovel Elementary School, Tel Aviv.

I designed a large 3 story tall mural that wrapped around the campus. It was executed over the course of 2 days with the help of another street artist Mitzgzer. He helped me complete it in a timely manner. The mural is education-themed with a puppy character representing a student reading a book as he walks into the school with all of the knowledge flowing out of his head. He is followed but my characters called doodle dogs that are little pencil puppies. I took a short break in the middle of painting to talk to the students about the process. This was one of my favorite projects to date. You can view a video of the process below.


Science Mural Installation and Student Mural Painting Workshop For The Australian International School Ho Chi Minh City.

In a fun collaboration of science and art, I designed a mural for the science wing of the Australian International school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I worked together with the advanced art students to complete the mural over the course of a week. Teaching them how to execute a mural. I usually work with spray paint which is much faster. But due to the closed space, we used bucket paint and paint brushes for this project which is a lot more tedious and time-consuming. Luckily I had a large group of talented kids and we had a lot of fun knocking it out. 


Other Artist Talks and Workshops

Virtual Character Design Workshop, primary art students Garden International School ISKL 2021

Virtual Artist talk on street art (1st group) and The Art of making Graphic Novels (2nd group) ISKL, Malaysia 2021

Virtual Artist Talk for 1st year illustration students, British University Vietnam, 2021
Virtual Artist Talk for Stream Elements creative team, 2021

Artist talk and Mural Workshops ISKL, Malaysia 2019

Artist guest lecture- Musrara School of Art, Jerusalem, Israel 2017

Artist talk with Creative Mornings for Illustration week in Tel Aviv at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art 2017

Mural painting team-building exercises with various companies in collaboration with Saigon Outcast HCMC. Vietnam 2016

Artist talk at Saigon Outcast about street art and mural painting HCMC, Vietnam 2016

Artist talk and Mural workshop- Alice Smith School, Malaysia 2016

Artist guest lecture- RMIT University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2015-16 

Character Design/Creativity/Watercolor workshop American International School HCMC 2016

Character Design/Creativity/Watercolor workshop British International School HCMC 2016

Artist talks and character design workshops with various international schools - Vin Gallery  2015-2016, HCMC, Vietnam

Artist Lecture with Saigon Art Book at 3A Station HCMC, Vietnam 2016

Character design and Adobe Illustrator workshop- International School HCMC, Vietnam 2015

Artist talk and character design- American School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2014

Street Art artist talk and mural workshop- Australian International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2014

Stop Motion Clay Animation after school club- Saint Pauls Preparatory School, Seoul, South Korea 2012-13

Character design and watercolor illustration - American International School, Seoul, South Korea 2012


Find a collection of photos from different workshops below. 



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