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PLAZA WALLS X FRENEMY "IMAGINE THAT" for Plaza Walls Mural Festival Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. visited me when I was living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to shoot this feature. We talk about my work, background, Creativity, living over seas, and much more. Video from 2016

Commercial for Converse Korea collaboration from 2013. I did 3 custom designs for Converse that they sold in stores through out Korea. 

Promo spot for Coffine Gurunaru a coffee chain in Seoul, South Korea. I designed coffee mugs that were sold at all their stores and designed a display for one of their flagship stores in the Hongdae University area of Seoul. 2012

Saigon Artbook Book Launch event. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2014.

Collaboration painting with Seoul Urban Art Project in 2012

DEAD BEAT HERO X FRENEMY "The Explorers" a collaboration mural painted in Vienna Austria 2018

Music video for Sioux City on Universal Music Australia. I designed the character "Drum Cat for the video. 2016

Painting a 3 story mural in Saigon, Vietnam for Saigon Outcast in 2015.

Saigon Artbook promo video 2014 Rooftop Mural in Downtown Saigon.

Painting in Saigon, Vietnam 2015

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