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   Frenemy is a freelance illustrator and graffiti/street artist from Austin, Texas currently based in Kuala Lumpur. A self-taught artist, learning most of what he knows artistically through almost 20 years of painting in the streets. His work is highly influenced by the Children's books and cartoons he loved as a child. As well as pop art, lowbrow art, and graffiti. Using watercolor and gouache, he paints bright colorful scenes with funny characters. The happy surreal world he creates often contrasts the very human themes of his work such as mental health, escapism, the search for belonging, and the harsh realities of his childhood.   


   A bit of a hermit on most days you can find him hiding in his studio making things. Kristopher has a deep love for Hamburgers, cartoons, cats, castles, and collecting any kind of strange toy he can find. He does not like spiders, paper cuts, and Brussel sprouts.


"The older we get, the less we use our imaginations. So let's never grow up"







Select Clients Include:


       Leo Burnett, Universal Records, Converse, BucketFeet, Paper Wings Clothing, Pop Fries, Surprise Skateboards, Collective Arts Brewing, Trover, Ignite, Transmission Entertainment, Hell Yes Fest, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Saigon Outcast, Pasteur Street Brewing, Fuzzy Logic, Coffine Gurunaru, Eloquence Magazine, Makase, Jungle Barn Cafe,, Ikase,, Unsung Skateboard Magazine



Solo Exhibitions:

       A Place To Escape- Beit Kandinof- Tel Aviv 2017

       A Study of the Fantastical- Atama, Dallas, Texas 2014

       Frenemies- Vin Gallery, Saigon, Vietnam 2014
       Monsters, Creature, and Things- DeciBel Saigon, Vietnam 2014

       Light My Fire For Human Rights Collaboration with Amnesty International

       Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul, South Korea 2013

       Visual Labs presents Kotcher Art Show- Seoul, South Korea 2013
       Imagination Station- The Hideout Austin, Texas 2012
       Friends and Enemies- Highline Seattle Washington 2011



Group Exhibitions:

        Art Expo Malaysia 2019

        One Art Taipei 2019

        Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2019

        Art Fair Asia Fukuoka, Japan 2019

​        Art Kaohsiung 2018

        Japan Town- San Jose, CA, 2017

        DEW TOURS- Long Beach, CA, 2016

        True Story- Giant Step Gallery- Saigon Vietnam 2016

        Yoomi Jasper -Penosa- Atama Dallas Texas 2015

        Trialogue-Vin Gallery-Saigon, Vietnam 2015

        Pictoplasma Character Selfies- MARCO Monterrey,  Mexico 2014

        Saigon Art Book- Saigon, Vietnam 2014

        Pictoplasma Anniversary Show- Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery, Berlin 2014

        “SIX YEARS” -Empire 7 Studios San Jose, California 2014

        Neo Pop Street Funk- Gallery M Squared Houston Texas, 2013

        Handmade Korea- Hangko Gallery, Seoul, South Korea, 2013
       Visitors- GrassHut Art Market Portland, Oregon 2013
       Bartlerlines- Eloquence Headquarters Itaewon Seoul, South Korea 2013
       SQZ- Jazzy M.A.S. Seoul South Korea 2012
       An Exploration of the Relationships of Animals and Humans- ABB Gallery 2012
       Raw Paw- Austin Texas 2012
       ARTCRANK-  Pine Street Station Austin, Texas 2012
       Half Dead- Queen City Hall Dallas, Texas 2012
       Art Walk- Houston Texas 2012
       Friendly Friends- Rio Rita Austin, Texas 2012
       Teeny Tiny Show- Birdhouse Gallery Austin, Texas 2011
       Nature of the Beast- Flatcolor Gallery Seattle, Washington 2011
       Monster Show- Domy Books Austin, Texas 2011
       Austin Series 4- Gallery Black Lagoon Austin, Texas 2011
       Revolving Door- Palm Door Austin, Texas 2011
       Group Exhibition- Bennu Austin, Texas 2011
       Shape Monsters- The Hideout Austin, Texas 2011
       Terror Clowns- Red 7, Austin Texas 2011
       Skum Dogs of the Universe- Lazy Nacho San Antonio, Texas 2010
       Nuckle Head Nation- FlightPath Austin, Texas 2010   


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